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Automotos by Peugeot

Here are some new old stock Automoto cyclosportif bicycles. Peugeomotos, really. Badged Automoto, they were made by Peugeot in the early 1960s, right after they had bought their St. Etienne competitor. The bicycles all measure 55 centimeter (center to center) and have 700c wheels. Straight from the factory with zero kilometers.



Automotos by Peugeot

AutomotosAutomoto BlueAutomoto RedAutomoto GreenAutomoto YellowAutomotos

Automoto by Peugeot, a set on Flickr.

New Old Stock

More new old stock bicycles will be featured here. Feel free to enquire.
Here’s a preview of a circa 1960 Automoto that was never even unpacked.

Grand Campeur

This stately Sauvage Lejeune campeur from circa 1960 is one I sold earlier.
Found in Paris, France, it flew to Seattle, USA.

This bicycle was probably custom ordered by a tall gentleman. Big bikes this specific didn’t come rolling off an assembly line. It has twin lateral tubes to reinforce the 63 centimeter frame, and large racks on the front and rear.

I supplied it with two pairs of vintage Sologne bags that saw the road to Russia and back to France.


Here it is as found:

The Sauvage Lejeune was thoughtfully restored by its new owner Alex. In his own words;

    …preserve what’s left of the original finish, stop the corrosion, build a new wheel set, change to lower gears, and then load it up and use it for a couple more decades.

It will be ridden as it was intended, to go camping.
Alex, enjoy the Cascade Mountains.

Finished just in time for spring, this machine was shown at the Seattle Bike Expo 2012.

Sauvage in the front, Alex on the left

Alex’ set on Flickr

sauvageheadtubestem_pivoFrail transfersDSC07572DSC07571
DSC07570VAR cotter pressDSC07568Mystery braze-on fittingMystery braze-on fittingDurax cottered crank
Ideale 43 type RecordDSC07560DSC07563Ideale 43 type RecordDSC07559Whole lotta steerer

Sauvage Lejeune Campeur Bike, a set by amoll68 on Flickr.

Vélo Orange

Another 50 centimeter sized bicycle for your consideration.

This Alex Singer is from the mid 1970s. During the busy “bike boom” years Cycles Alex Singer had some frames made by CNC in Paris, including this one. It was built up in the Singer shop using nice components like Maxi-Car hubs and Spécialités TA cranks. The bike is in used-not-abused condition, as found. It measures 50 cm with a 52 cm top tube (both center to center).


Lots of photos in the Flickr set

SingerVélo OrangeHeadtubeSinger CNCTA, Sachs HuretFiol Rack
Reynolds 531Ideale 90IdealeMaillardLyotardDowntube
SoubitezRFGMaxicarBelleriCataluxHuret Challenger
Super ChampRacerSteel, Horses

Alex Singer 1970s, a set on Flickr.

Porteur Sauvage Lejeune

Here’s a 1960s Sauvage Lejeune porteur in good used condition.


Sauvage Lejeune PorteurFront EndChainguardSauvageStripingStriped Fork
NordlichtCLB Inverse LeverAVA Stem

Sauvage Lejeune Porteur, a set on Flickr.

Motoconfort 650B

As a start I’ll be showing some French fendered bicycles with 50 and 52 centimeter seat tubes (measured center to center).

Here’s a boy’s 50cm Motoconfort with 650B wheels. It’s about 50 years old, new old stock with zero kilometers, and in “as found” condition. I haven’t even pumped up the tyres yet. A humble 3 speed but ever so stylish, it could make a beautiful light touring bike or vélo de ville for a smaller adult.

More photos coming up over the next few days.

And here it is freshly washed with the tires pumped.


JOS 431CMotoconfortFront EndMoto' Light, Lefol FenderMotoconfort650x35B
CLBBadgeSeat Tube DecalRear RackBoy's saddleHuret 3-speed
Solida CranksMoto Rouge

Motoconfort 650B ~1960, a set on Flickr.


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